Air Conditioning Regas

airconAircon regas for only £60.00 + vat

Whats included in the Price?
1) we extract the old gas from the aircon system

2) we extract the old oil from the aircon compressor
3) we then carry out a vacuum while using the built in heater to burn off any moisture that may be in the aircon system this is a MUST as moisture in the system will make ice crystal causing blockages and other issues

4) after that we then add in the new gas and oil to manufactures spec
5) after the work is carried out we run many leak and pressure tests to make sure your system in top shape

Please note we will carry out a basic test at the start as if there is NO gas in the system there could be a leak

If you would like anymore info then please call 01480 494621 or contact us here

Air Conditioning Service

airconWe carry out the same as above plus you also have a antibacterial treatment added

We use a nebuliser to brake down the treatment into a very fine mist that is then pumped around the vehicles cabin and kills any bacteria or other bad odors

We carry out aircon services for £70.00 + vat

Phone: 01480 494621