When was Adams Autos founded

Adams Autos was founded in August 1999

Why did you move from the Town Centre to where you are now

Adams Autos moved to its current location in August 2012 due to residential planning in the area

i see it says you are ATA registered what is that

ATA stands for Automotive Technician Accreditation see here for more info

Can i wait for work to be done

You are more then welcome to wait while one of our technicians carry out the work or if the job is going to be to long we can always take you home or to your work place by request

How long does my MOT last for

An MOT lasts for a year. The date it runs out is printed on your current MOT pass certificate. You can be fined up to £1,000 for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT. You can get an MOT up to a month (minus a day) before it runs out and keep the same renewal date.

Can i view my MOT test being carried out

Yes you can we have access to cctv for you to watch your test being carried out should you want to see it

How often do i need to service my car or van

You should service you car or van at least once a year or when you have reached the mileage so in other words what ever comes sooner

If i was a little unsure on some work would you show me whats wrong

Yes we would we think its very important that the customer understands what part has failed and is shown

Phone: 01480 494621